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Collaborative Music-Making Workshop 

August 23rd - September 03, 2017
A 10 day guided workshop for musicians focusing on collaborative devised music-making, in Góis, a secluded riverside town in the hills of rural Portugal. 

A 10 day guided workshop for musicians focusing on collaborative devised music-making, in Góis, a secluded riverside town in the hills of rural Portugal. 


The workshop is intended for advanced musicians (amateurs, professionals, students) who are interested in devised composition, improvisation, movement practices, and site-responsive art. Instrumentalists, composers, singers, electronic musicians, etc are all welcome. 


In a laboratory environment, we will explore different processes for making music, drawing inspiration from movement, landscape, visual arts, and physical theatre. Participants will gain insight into their own personal practice as well as how to navigate in a group dynamic.


Each day will begin with a movement session before breakfast inspired by practices such as yoga, meditation, capoeira, and contact improv. Morning sessions will address elements of ensemble work, skill-sharing and spatial dramaturgy. In the afternoons, we will form smaller groups to work quickly and creatively in response to specific tasks and prompts. Sessions will finish by 5pm, leaving the evenings free for you to use as you like. There are many beautiful walks, river beaches and waterfalls in the area. 


Mid-week we will go on a group excursion to visit the villages surrounding Góis, with the afternoon and evening free. 


The second part of the workshop will focus on bringing together small group collaborations to pursue and develop material in more depth. We will also work on a group piece and the curation of the final event. The workshop will conclude with a public presentation for the local community at Casa da Cultura de Góis, a full-equiped modern 280 seat theatre.  


Wednesday, 23.08.:   Arrival and joint dinner (first meeting in evening)

Thursday-Sunday: Ensemble and small group work sessions, evenings free (e.g. swimming in the river, hiking, cafes)

Monday, 28.08.:   Visit neighboring villages in the morning, afternoon and evening free 

Friday, 01.09.:   Rehearsals and final performance 

Saturday, 02.09.:   Optional community/site-specific performance in surrounding villages, celebration dinner

Sunday, 03.09.:   Departure after breakfast


Performance Space

Our final performance will be in the Casa da Cultura de Góis, a 280 px capacity theatre-style auditorium, full equipped with quad sound, audiovisual equipment, lighting rig, projectors and more. We will also have access to many outdoor spaces if permission from the town council is granted prior, and may perform site-specific pieces in the villages surrounding Góis


Breakfast will be simple help-yourself set-up with bread, jams, butter, cheese, yoghurt, fruit, tea, coffee etc. Feel free to request anything in particular that you’d like (nutella anyone?). Lunch will be catered by a local restaurant, and could include anything from cod, to bbq, to sardines, to pork. If you’re not a fan of fish or meat, the cook is happy to accommodate with soups, beans, rice, vegetables and more. We will provide three dinners over the course of the residency; our welcome dinner, a group outing dinner in mid-residency, and our celebratory good-bye dinner. Otherwise, you are free to explore the town and dine where you like. We’ll share meals in our private garden outside on the hill overlooking town. We have a friendly local cafe/bar which we highly recommend for afternoon coffees with pastel de nata, as well as late night aperitifs.

Our Home - Góis, Portugal

Curiosa Productions offers this residency in partnership with Raizvanguarda, a non profit arts cultural organization based in Góis, Portugal, a beautiful mountainside village. We will be living and working within the old town of Góis, a charming river town nestled in the mountains Northeast of Lisbon, Portugal. Within the last half century, many of Góis' residents have moved to larger towns, leaving surrounding villages largely empty, yet there remains a vibrant cultural life in the town and municipality. It is visited by locals and tourists all throughout summer for its river beach, with crystalline clear water and beachside cafe bars. Every year Góis also hosts a motorcycle festival which brings thousands of people to the town. There are many hikes up into the surrounding hills, as well as short day trips to nearby ravines with cliff-side diving and beautiful picnic spots.  


Room and Board

Price: Early bird €600, After August 4th €625, After August 11th €650, After August 18th €675

Deposit: €150, remaining fees must be paid by the time the residency begins.

Discounts: If you bring a friend to the workshop, you can receive €200 off your fee.


We encourage all participants to immediately begin applying for their own funding. We can provide welcome and invitation letters for any applications.


We recommend looking at the following resources:

Within Portugal  /  Within Europe  /  Within the UK


If you are facing financial hardship and can not pay the fee up front, we are also open to discussing payment plans in a series of installments. Please contact us to discuss this option.

This fee covers room and board (including towels, linens, and cleaning service), breakfasts, lunches, three dinners, work and rehearsal spaces, equipment and supplies (e.g. speakers, mixing board, basic art supplies, projectors etc), and a day-long excursion mid-residency.

We will be hosted in an old mansion near the centre of town. It has been modernized and outfitted by the local council, but retains its beautiful high ceilings, wooden floors, and charming decoration. Most rooms are shared with two beds, supplemented by a few single rooms. Each room has its own bathroom facilities with shower. Towels and sheets are provided, as is a weekly cleaning service.

Our primary work space will be in a beautiful hall across the street from our lodgings, fully stocked with electronic equipment such as speakers and a mixing board. In addition, we will have access to gallery spaces below our living space, as well as art studio in the old school up the road. Please let us know in advance if you will need any particular equipment or instruments and we will see what we can do to source them for you.

Work Spaces


Kate Smith, Producer

 American multi-genre singer

and producer


Kate Smith is a versatile singer and producer who has worked in New York, Beijing, and London. She earned her BA in Film and East Asian Studies at Columbia University (2009), studied Classical Voice at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (2015), and recently completed her MMus in Leadership at Guildhall (2017). Kate’s work focuses on creating dramatic performances that cross genre-boundaries through creative collaborations. She is currently developing a new project marrying improvisational dance and voice, THAT! Ensemble. 


Previously, Kate was known as the “singing madame” of Beijing’s cabaret scene (Global Times), in addition to being a bilingual Mandarin-English video producer for brands including Volkswagen and Ogilvy. Kate was also a regular on the Beijing music scene as a member of The Confectionaires, Honky Tonk Angels, Moonglow Burlesque and Contraplans.

Filipe Sousa, Curator

Portuguese pianist, composer,

and workshop leader


Filipe Sousa is a Portuguese pianist/composer and workshop leader based in the UK. He works with artists and communities of ranging age, ability and background. He founded Quest Ensemble and has been commissioned to create sound installations and to write for music ensembles, film and dance. Filipe regularly leads workshops and presents work in the UK and across the World.


Trained at the Lisbon Gregorian Institute, Hot Club Portugal, and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, his work as a composer and performer is often concerned with motion and movement, driven by a strong sense of rhythm. His background is in classical and jazz piano, but his interest in the details and minutiae of sound has taken him into the realms of sound art, sound design for dance and theatre, composition, and performance. Filipe is interested in performance as experience and in generating immersive sound environments. 

Rodrigo Viterbo, Operations

Portuguese didjeridoo player/maker,

and community artist  


Rodrigo Viterbo is a Portuguese Community Artist, Educator and Sound Artist who uses Music and Making to work with the people of all ages. Having recently earned his Masters Degree in Leadership at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, he is supported by the John Wates Charitable Trust.


Rodrigo has been researching about the use of Music in Spaces of Making as a way to reflect on Participation in Wider Society. He has launched Academia Walkabout, FATT Didgeridoo Festival, TEDxFamalicão and Community Didgeridoo Ensemble and worked with Music in Hospitals in Portugal and the LSO.  As a Didgeridoo musician, teacher and crafter, Rodrigo has toured all over Portugal and Europe. His work is always focused on looking for the best experience that a group of people can achieve when working together in an environment of creation.



This residency is intended for both established and emerging professional artists from all around the world. To apply, please fill out the form below. We would like to know a little about you, your background, and your arts practice. 

Your application will be reviewed by the Curiosa team, who will aim to select a compatible and diverse range of participants. We will let you know our decision as soon as possible.


1. When should I arrive and depart?
Please arrive on Wednesday, August 23rd. We will host a welcome dinner that night, and the residency will begin on August 24th. The last day of the residency will be September 2nd. You will have to leave our housing by 12pm on September 3rd.
2. Should I bring instruments and art supplies?
Please bring your instruments to the residency. If you are worried about transporting your instrument or size makes it cost-prohibitive, please give us advance notice and we will check with local orchestras about borrowing one. If you intend to do visual arts, please bring the materials and supplies that you work with. There is a small arts supply store in town, and a larger one in Coimbra. You will also have access to a collection of materials left by prior residents. 
3. How do I get to Góis?
From either Porto or Lisbon, you can catch a train to Coimbra B: Intercidades or Alfa Pendular Train from Porto-Campanhã or Lisboa Santa Apolónia/Lisboa Oriente to Coimbra-B (about 24 return). From Coimbra B you can take the bus to Góis, destination Bordeiro. Busses leave Coimbra B at 14:30 and 18:15 (4.45 one way). 
4. What else should I bring?
We advise you bring a beach towel and swimming suit so you can enjoy the river beach. Bring enough spending money to cover 7 dinners, drinks, ice cream and any souvenirs you'd like to purchase.  
5. Do I have to speak English fluently?
The workshop will be led in English, but you do not need to speak English fluently in order to participate. Our team is also fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Mandarin, and are happy to assist with any translation questions. 

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