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Are there any prerequisites to participating in the festival retreat?

The festival retreat is here to bring together our beautiful community from all corners of the UK (and beyond). Everyone is welcome, all levels, all voices, all bodies, all genders (or non-genders), all humans! While you do not need to be an experienced singer or improviser, you should probably be able to keep a beat and match pitch, as well as have some previous exposure to the artform. This will ensure that you can really dive in and enjoy the richness of what is on offer. 

I’ve never done collaborative vocal improvisation before. Can I join?

If you’ve never done collaborative vocal improvisation before, this festival retreat might present a steep learning curve. Also the purpose of this festival is to celebrate this growing community in the UK. We recommend that you dip your toes in with more intimate courses aimed at people stepping into this practice for the first time, and we’d love to see you next year! 


I am a facilitator, can I lead a workshop?


It is our goal to bring together vocal improvisers from throughout the UK community, including experienced facilitators and artists. We want you all there to celebrate the richness of our community and everything that we each bring. Our main sessions will be led by our core team of eight facilitators, all of whom shared the original dream, and the financial risk, of putting on this festival retreat. In future years, we will be considering how to involve other teachers, but for now we are keeping facilitation to those who have been also organising the event.


For any participants who would like to offer a workshop, we have built a few spaces into the schedule for free time and small group work. During these periods, please feel free to gather people, find a space, and lead your offering! 


In addition, we need some folks to volunteer to lead, guide and hold our daily group check-in circles of 4-5 people. If you are experienced with and/or feel comfortable gently holding this kind of space, please get in touch in the registration form or write to us


Do I have to do all the sessions in the schedule?


Our whole schedule is a warm invitation. You can choose to embrace it all in its entirety, or choose not to attend certain sessions if you need to take a rest, or just don’t fancy the content.


We have organised the retreat so that everyone will have the chance to experience all eight facilitators, if they so choose, as well as a range of other whole group sessions. As previously mentioned, there is no requirement to attend every session, but if you choose to skip a session in your timetable, it may not be possible to attend it on another day. This is to ensure that group numbers remain intimate and consistent. 

Can I sleep in my van/camper?

Yes, but the number of places for this option is limited.

Can I pitch my tent and sleep in it?

Sadly Penny Brohn does not offer camping facilities. 

Can I choose who I sleep with in my shared room?

In the registration form, it is possible to mention people with whom you would like to share your room. If you purchase a Buddy-Power ticket, please tell us who will be sharing the room with you. If you purchase a Double-Bring-Your-Own ticket, you can request to share your room with one, max two other people. 

Can I come to only one part of the festival retreat?

The retreat is residential from the first day to the last day. Our vision is for everyone to really land, sink in, get to know each other, immerse themselves in the whole experience, and become a beautiful, connected community for the duration of these 5 days.

Can I come with my pet?

Animals are not allowed on the premises, with the exception of guide dogs. 

Can I come with my child?

The UK Vocal Improv Festival Retreat is not closed to children. However, as inclusive as it seeks to be, this event does offer activities directed towards adults. The workshop process takes into account how an adult understands and uses information, and this is not necessarily the same for children. There is also no one to look after the children during the activities. Your child is welcome if he/she is able to be independent when you are doing the workshops or if he/she is able to join the activities without disturbing them. You can make a request by writing to our email address:

Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

We will provide all sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets and towels. Buddy-Power and Double-Bring-Your-Own tickets will need to bring your own blowup mattress and camping mat, and pillows. It is necessary to bring your own toiletries (towels, soap, toothbrush, etc.).

Can I pay in instalments?


If needed, it is possible to pay in two instalments. The first half of your remaining ticket fee (minus deposit) will be due halfway between your time of registration and August 1st, 2022. The second half will be due on August 1st. If any of your instalments are late, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, in which case your payments (minus your deposit) will be returned to you. 

Can I get a discount?

There are different rates depending on the accommodation option you choose. It is not possible to request a discount other than by choosing the cheapest accommodation option. The Festival Retreat already offers relatively advantageous rates given the number of facilitators, the accommodation, the venue, and all food included. It would not be economically viable to reduce the proposed ticket prices further.

We do have two bursary tickets available, as well as four reduced price volunteer tickets. Please check HERE for details about how to apply for these tickets. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

All meals will be provided by Penny Brohn’s amazing chef, Emma Liddington, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will provide tea and instant coffee during the day. There will be hot water, milk and mugs at tables throughout the venue where you can make yourself a cuppa whenever needed. However, you will be responsible for providing your own snacks and any special drinks in between meals. (If you're a coffee snob, you might want to bring your own supplies. ;) )

It is also possible to store food or medicines in the kitchen fridges if you need to. 

Can I eat meat and fish on site?

Our chef, Emma Liddington, plans to shape our meals mostly around a plant-based diet, with a meat or fish side at dinners for our carnivorous singers. 

Can I have meals adapted to my diet?

When you register for the event, please indicate your dietary preferences in the registration form. We will communicate this to our chef, who ensures us she has seen it all, and can accommodate everyone!

Can I smoke on the site?

There is no smoking permitted inside Penny Brohn but we will have a designated smoking area on the grounds. 

Can I drink alcohol on site?


We are holding an alcohol free space. The use of drugs and psychotropic substances is also prohibited on the site.

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