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An Intensive Residential Course for Collaborative Cross-Arts Practice
in Alentejo, Portugal

August 27 - September 08, 2024​

A selective cohort of international musicians and artists come together to share practice, explore collaboration across disciplines, and immerse themselves in the artistic regeneration of a rural Portuguese town. Over thirteen days, course leaders will foster a vibrant creative community through movement sessions, ensemble workshops, skill shares, local field trips, creative briefs, mentoring and more. The course will culminate in the curation of a public sharing of new works combining photography, moving image, music, and sound art.

Only one spot left for a Musician!

Other Lands Other Sounds 2024

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Other Lands Other Sounds offers a supportive environment for advanced musicians and artists (professionals, amateurs, students) to develop their practice through cross-arts experimentation and collaboration.

We bring people together to create temporary communities based on play, inclusivity, curiosity, and creativity. Away from the distractions of normal life, we hold a carefully curated space in which we imagine into being a world where people can be themselves, inspire each other, and learn from one another. We see every moment as an opportunity to practice noticing, listening, and transforming experience into art. 

We do this in specific connection to place. We think that context matters: land, nature, culture, language, and its people. We connect locals and outsiders to come together as co-questioners, seeking to make art that grows from a unique place and moment in time. 


create unique artistic works that integrate art forms, challenge yourself to learn from difference​


this is a space in which to take artistic risks and create from a place of play and inquiry


you're not alone here! become part of an ensemble, learn from and with each other, dive into group creative processes ​


we play a lot, we work quickly, we foster a supportive group dynamic - so that you leave inspired, awakened, & re-connected to why you make art in the first place

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Day 1 (August 27): Arrival after 16:00, Welcome Dinner

Day 2-5 (August 28-31): Workshops, Ensemble Building, Skill Shares, Material Gathering, Short Creative Briefs

Day 6 (September 1): Day Off!

Day 7-10 (September 2-5): Small group collaborations making for the final sharing, Mentoring and Curation

Day 11 (September 6): Public Sharing

Day 12 (September 7): Reflections and Wrap Up, Goodbye Dinner 


Day 13 (September 8): Departure by 12:00


Daily Schedule


8 morning movement study

9 breakfast

10-13 morning session

13-14 lunch

14-17 afternoon session 

* As the week progresses, this schedule adapts according to the needs of the group


Movement Sessions

Connect to the body; encompassing mindful movement, yoga, authentic movement, contact improv, meditation and more


Skill Shares

Learn about each others' practices, ways of thinking and approaching making work; benefit from the exchange of ideas, experiences and backgrounds


Creative Briefs

Week One - Strengthen collaborative skills through joint creative tasks, working quickly in small groups


Social Activities

Pizza and a film night; a day off to visit a swimming spot; dinner in a nearby town


Ensemble Building

Theatre-based workshops on building trust, complicite, spatial, body and group awareness


Local Immersion

Collect inspiration, gather material, meet the land, the people, the history through sound walks, visits to interesting sites, visits with community members and more


Collaborative Projects

Week Two - go deeper with a select group of collaborators to create new works to be part of the final public sharing


Public Sharing

Create a range of possible performance outcomes including installation, performance art, film, live music etc.


Music Workshops

Workshops on composition, improvisation, and collaborative music-making processes



Daily short creative play sessions created by a team of participants for the whole ensemble; a space to explore, play, and connect 


Mentoring & Curation

Deepen critical reflective practice through one-to-one tutorials and group discussions; learn creative methods and techniques to expand the artistic practice

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Casa Branca

This year, Other Lands Other Sounds makes its home at Casa Branca. Founded in the 1860s to accommodate railway employees and their families, Casa Branca developed in direct dependence on the railway station, along straight streets, parallel to the railway line. With buildings for primary education, professional training, storage spaces and maintenance workshops, the station became a important junction for steam locomotives, agriculture and mining. At its peak in the early 1900s, the town accommodated up to 800 people who lived and worked on the railway line or in surrounding farms. 


As mining and agriculture in the region slowly declined, so did the village. With the closure the railway workshops in the 1990s, and the primary school in the 2000s, the village has become a location representative of the erosion and desertification of the Alentejo, with disused industrial sites, closed schools and uninhabited houses. In a land where once streams flowed with water all year round, today the streams swell only during the rainy season and many of the buildings have fallen into ruin. Casa Branca currently has only around 80 inhabitants. 

Estação Cooperativa

Enter ESTAÇÃO COOPERATIVA, a cultural cooperative based in the village of Casa Branca, established in 2021. Composed of a consortium of around 55 people and 10 entities, the cooperative works towards the regeneration and revitalization of Casa Branca through laying the foundations for a participatory, collaborative and empowered collective intervention.


To do this, Estaco Cooperativa is establishing Casa Branca as a creative community and an experimental laboratory center. They program cultural activities, work to rebuild abandoned structures, and act as a creative hub for participatory and community processes, promoting the social and cultural dynamism of the region, attracting visitors and revitalizing the population.

We are proud to be partnering with Estação Cooperativa to become part of this collective of artists, creatives, architects, educators, contributing to the recovery of the village.