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Choose Your Adventure

A list of facilitator-led workshops that participants will be able to pre-select by vote before arriving at the 2023 UK Vocal Improv Festival Retreat in October.


We wanted to give you more freedom and specificity to be able to follow the areas of vocal improvisation that really call you to.


IMPORTANT: There are more sessions listed than are possible to fit into the pre-selected workshop programme!


We will receive your preferences, and then a very clever couple of festival elves will figure out the programme according to numbers and capacity. The sessions are open to all unless stated otherwise.


We trust in what is meant to be and request your openness and trust too!

Exploring Your Voice

Primal Voice with Randolph Matthews

Explore techniques rooted in Primal Voice to connect with instinctual nature and experience a deep, whole-body vocal expression 


Ancestral Voice with Jaka Škapin

An enquiry into human and non-human ancestry through vocal expression. What does it unveil and call in?


Craft Your Vocal Improv Persona with Uran Apak

Birth and explore a variety of personas through your improvised voice and then develop one in more detail


LaLaLand with Kate Mellors

Use play, clowning, costume and characterisation to unlock your ‘voices’. Unleash the choir within you! 


Breath and Expression with Randolph Matthews

Discover how to harness the transformative power of breath to connect with your inner self and express yourself fully


Partner Play with Kate Smith 

Voice and movement games for duos/small groups to explore and embody dynamics of support, giving, receiving, listening, and trust (involves touch)


Songs of Humanity (a CVI workshop) with Guillermo Rozenthuler

An invitation to explore the unknown, a journey back to the ancestral using invented language, sound and rhythm as our musical substance to nurture co-creation and depth

Nature Connection

WalkSing with 'Sound Fishes’ with Uran Apak

A deep listening and sounding practice by the lake inspired by Pauline Oliveros


Listening In, Listening Out with Kate Mellors

An outdoor immersive session harnessing deep listening and resonance to tap into the vibrations of nature and ourselves


Duets with Nature with Kate Smith

Playful explorations of embodiment, connection, and personhood through singing with more-than-human collaborators in nature


Journey to the River with Emma Coleman

Opening ourselves and ‘our-cells’ to the natural world’s biophony on a meditative walk down to the River Avon with singing stops to tune in and sound out

Voice and Movement

Moving Songs with Kate Smith

Co-create songs through movement and sounding, focusing on dynamics of embodied rhythm, use of space and relationship, shapes and patterns, etc.


Murmuration with Jaka Škapin 

Replicate flocks of birds through voice and movement patterns, simultaneous leading and following, soloing and returning


Spherical Space Work with Randolph Matthews

Explore the idea of creating a three-dimensional space with your voice, expanding vocal presence beyond your physical body


Sounding Movement Meditations with Kate Smith

Explore subtle sensations and movements that tune the nervous system, quiet the mind, tone the voice, and tap into whole body creative expression

Vocal Musicianship

Pattern Play: Variations and Modifications with Guillermo Rozenthuler


Explore creating and evolving 'singable' patterns and learning to refine them in real time, both for personal practice and group work


Intro to Harmony (intermediate)

Explore things like: interval/chord awareness and major/minor scale chord progressions


Harmony Geek-out (advanced)

Go deeper into things like: major scale modes, modal shifting, chromaticism, chord extensions


Intro to Rhythm (intermediate)

Explore things like: odd-time, grooves in 3 and 4, straight/swung feel, downbeat/upbeat subdivisions in 3 and 4


Rhythm Geek-Out (advanced)

Get stuck into things like: odd-time, poly-meter, 16th note grooves practice, syncopation, creating distinct and variable grooves


Circlesong Architecture with Guillermo Rozenthuler (advanced)

Ideas to help participants generate instant polyphony, harmony and counterpoint, edit as you go, and develop circlesinging arrangements, balancing clear structure and a moving tapestry

Small Ensemble

Intro to CVI with Briony Greenhill (intermediate)

Intro to some core forms for accessing collaborative vocal improvisation, e.g. motor interlocker counterpoint solo, pattern duets, turn, sound paintings, improvising with language, supported solo

Delving into Duets with Emma Coleman

Focus the lens on this under-explored playspace. Connect with and bounce off one other. Explore different ways of two becoming one!


The Inspiration Station! with Kate Mellors

Using various stimuli as 'ways in' to co-creating music. Games using the senses, imagery, words and personas to help access our flow.


Advanced CVI with Briony Greenhill (advanced)

Improv with lyrics, spontaneous song creation, small group CVI forms, authenticity, intimacy, support, healing forms


Circlesongs Playground with Guillermo Rozenthuler (advanced for leaders)

A fluid space to put into practice circlesinging architecture, collaborative leadership and in-the-moment responsiveness to the feeling in the room and the diverse skills in the group


Body Rhythms Intro with Emma Coleman

Discover the rhythms living in you and your body, explore your body's textures and beats with clicks claps stomps and taps, become groove itself!


Meditative Voice with Jaka Škapin

Slowing down through a somatic journey of toning, chanting, and mindful gratitude practice


Witnessed Solos with Emma Coleman

Stretch that comfort zone! In pairs, takes turns to drop into yourself and be seen and heard, sing-sounding from the present moment, with a compassionate witness

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