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June 15 - 16, 2024

We are heading to the capital to bring together singers, artists and audiences through an extraordinary weekend of sharing perspectives and connecting through the joy of vocal improvisation.


Featuring Saturday workshops from a magical group of facilitators as well as some special features from our international friends, performances from Anthropos: Songs of Humanity (vocal improv quartet) with guests including Rouhangeze aka Rūh, an after party with live looping and beats, as well as a Sunday improv bazaar, open jam and our first ever vocal improvisation symposium!


The festival weekend will be held at The Albany, Deptford, South East London's leading arts centre, as well as Deptford Lounge. 

Programme Southampton


June 15th


@The Albany

Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG, United Kingdom

June 16th




@Deptford Lounge

9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ,

United Kingdom


@Badger Badger

145 Deptford High St, London SE8 3NU, United Kingdom

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Opening Circle

Saturday 10:30-11:15


A warm welcome to the Festival


Anyone who has purchased the full weekend ticket or the Saturday Day ticket

The Big Sing

Saturday 16:30


A welcoming introduction to vocal improv, we gather and are guided through a gentle warm up and a circlesinging experience.


Great for everyone, but especially those new to vocal improvisation who want to try it out.

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Improv Bazaar

Sunday morning

Over to you! A facilitated self-organisation space where anyone can step in and offer a session or suggest an aspect of vocal improvisation to explore. We want you to take the reins and go for a ride, share ideas, try things out, have a go!


Budding facilitators and avid improvisers are warmly welcomed to offer sessions, while the rest of us decide what strikes our fancy!


Saturday 10:30-18:00


Discover, study, and learn with facilitators from the local area and from further afield  


Suitable for all! A range of workshops will be available for beginners to advanced singers


Live Performance

Saturday 20:00

ach festival will feature a Saturday evening performance by some of UK’s leading vocal improv performers. In the beautiful Albany Theatre Anthropos Ensemble will present a dazzling evening featuring an opening by all the workshop participants, as well as special guests.


The gig is open to anyone, you don't have to be a participant, so bring your mates!

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Sunday 15.00-18.00


Presentations, panels and discussions. Looking at CVI through different systems of thought as well as reflecting together.

Open to everyone, especially those who might not event consider themselves to be vocal improvisers but are interested in the art form. For artists, thinkers, facilitators, researchers, teachers and everyone in between.

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Performance Rehearsal

Saturday 15:45-16:15


We hope that all participants will want to be part of a special musical opening to the evening's concert at the Albany Theatre rehearsed during this slot.


Anyone who has purchased the full weekend ticket or the Saturday Day ticket

Dance Party

Saturday 22:00 


An uplifting and invigorating entirely improvised dance party (still allowing you to be home by midnight for your beauty sleep).


Get your boogie on and celebrate! The inimitable Uran Apak will be guiding us through an improvised club night with his excellent looping skills. Sing along or jump on a drum. Not to be missed!


Open to everyone


Open Jam

Sunday evening 20.00-23.00


An informal post Japanese fusion dinner space to perform for each other and celebrate the weekend, anyone can jump on stage, suggest a form or involve the audience.


Open to everyone and hosted by Muze Voices


Coming soon!



(Saturday) The workshops, The Big Sing, the Live Performance and Dance Party will be held at: 

The Albany

Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG, United Kingdom

(Sunday) The Improv Bazaar and Symposium will be happening at:

Deptford Lounge

9 Giffin St, London SE8 4RJ,

United Kingdom

Sunday evening Open Jam will take place at: 

Badger Badger

145 Deptford High St, London SE8 3NU, United Kingdom


Kate Smith



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Uran Apak



Guillermo Rozenthuler 6.jpg



Emma Coleman



Jaka Škapin 7.JPG



Kate Mellors 5.JPG



The Big Sing

Saturday afternoon's The Big Sing will also feature the following international friends visiting us from Canada and US: Simi Yuyu, Erwan Noblet and Onome Om.


Our live performance will be headlined by a vocal improv quartet, Anthropos: Songs of Humanity. They will be joined by guests including Rouhangeze aka Rūh, Kadialy Kouyate, members of the facilitation team and you, the audience. You can also expect a special opening piece featuring all of Saturday's workshop participants, as well as meditative opening set by ILĀ.

"Anthropos ensemble explores the roots of collective song before and beyond language. They began by asking themselves; why did our ancestors sing and how did music emerge before its separation from daily life? This a cappella ensemble creates improvised vignettes that transcend style or culture and give voice to the human experience. Music was once the golden thread in the fabric of everyday life and so music beyond words, is the language of Anthropos. Together, they draw from the depth of their musical traditions and life experiences to imagine ancient languages and sound archetypal feelings. They have recently performed at Germany’s TIN festival and are premiering an interdisciplinary project at the Ljubljana Dance Theatre later in 2024."


Anthropos: Songs of Humanity is Guillermo Rozenthuler (London, UK), Sylvia Schmidt (Hanover, Germany), Jaka Škapin (London, UK) and Kate (Lisbon, Portugal).

Anthropos Quartet Photo 2.jpg

Rouhangeze, aka Rūh, is a versatile Mauritian artist excelling as a contemporary vocalist, songwriter, composer, producer, voiceover artist, vocal therapist, and cultural ambassador. Her identity fuses her roots, love for music, and commitment to celebrating unity and diversity. With over two decades of experience, her creative journey spans various roles, collaborating with luminaries across genres, including Linley Marthe, Rachel Z, Omar Hakim, and Antonio Forcione. Rouhangeze hosts "Jazz Odyssey," airing Tuesdays at midnight on Jazz FM.


Born into the great line of Kouyate Griot in Southern Senegal, Kadialy Kouyate’s kora playing and singing style, both as a soloist and in different ensembles, have been appreciated in many prestigious venues including the Royal Festival Hall, the 02 Arena, the National Theatre, the Royal Albert Hall and Clarence House. Kadialy has also played venues and festivals across the world, touring to Europe, Australia and North America. Since his arrival in the UK, Kadialy has played a significant part in enriching the London musical scene with his griot legacy.


ILĀ is a multifaceted artist, producer and creative director creating some of the most unique and acclaimed music to emerge from the UK in recent years. Following their acclaimed debut album Mesonoxian, ILĀ featured on legendary Björk/Madonna producer Guy Sigsworth’s debut Stet alongside Imogen Heap and Martin Grech. In 2020, ILĀ’s immersive short film Daffodil exploring AI, grief and consciousness was released on NOWNESS.

The London Team

We're thrilled to be hosting the London festival at The Albany, South East London's leading arts centre. In addition, we are excited to present the Sunday Symposium in collaboration with The Well, a newly established Global Vocal Improvisation Network.

With big thanks to all the volunteers, facilitators, producers and supporters who are pulling together to make this event possible!


London FAQs

Are there any prerequisites to participating in the event?


The event is here to bring together our beautiful community from all corners of the UK (and beyond). Everyone is welcome, all levels, all voices, all bodies, all genders (or non-genders), all humans! While you do not need to be an experienced singer or improviser, you should probably be able to keep a beat and match pitch, as well as have some previous exposure to the artform. This will ensure that you can really dive in and enjoy the richness of what is on offer. 


I’ve never done collaborative vocal improvisation before. Can I join?


If you haven’t done vocal improvisation before there are parts of the event that will be appropriate for all levels of experience. The Big Sing, Live Performance and the After Party are all fully inclusive parts of the event you can book and join separately. 


The rest is aimed at people with singing experience (choirs etc.) + people who’ve done some vocal improv. 


I am a facilitator, can I lead a workshop?


Yes you can! Come to the Improv Bazaar on Sunday where you will be able to pitch your workshop to our participants. If there is enough interest we will allocate a space for you. 


Do I have to do all the sessions in the schedule? / Can I come to only one part of the event?


Our whole schedule is a warm invitation. You can choose to embrace it all in its entirety, or choose not to attend certain sessions if you need to take a rest, or just don’t fancy the content.


Also we have ticket options where you can choose to book the whole event or parts of it that tickle your fancy.


Can I come with my child?


The event is aimed at 15+.


As inclusive as it seeks to be, this event does offer activities directed towards adults. The workshop process takes into account how an adult understands and uses information, and this is not necessarily the same for children.


Can I get a discount?

We offer a sliding scale payment system in order to cover our costs while allowing wiggle room for people for whom finances might be a barrier to attending.



For this event we need most of you to opt for the standard ticket price. This price reflects the basic cost of the event, and is possible due to the generosity of many people volunteering their time or accepting low fees. If you have the means, please add a donation on top of this to support our team further.


If you can't afford a standard ticket, are unemployed, a student, or your finances are very stretched right now, please judge accordingly and opt for a reduced ticket if you need it. If you struggle with basic needs, then our low-income tickets are for you.

We understand this is a sensitive and changeable thing. For clarity, check this website:

Will you be offering food during the event?


You’ll be in charge of your own meals during the event. We are however intending to all go to Badger Badger for dinner on Sunday, they have a great Japanese fusion bar menu. 


Can I smoke on the site?


The designated smoking/vaping area is located outside of The Albany as well as Deptford Lounge.


Can I drink alcohol on site?


We are holding an alcohol free space. The use of drugs and psychotropic substances is also prohibited on the site. There will however be a bar during Saturday night's performance.


I am not a singer, can I come and watch the performance as an audience member? Can I join the after party?


Yes please.


If I cannot make it to the event will I be able to get a refund? 


We are not able to issue refunds, but you can transfer your ticket into someone else’s name if you wish to do so. 


What is the parking situation around the venue? 


There is some street parking available however we would advise you to come by public transport if you can.


Is there disabled access to the venue?


Both venues are fully accessible, sadly Badger Badger is not accessible to wheelchair users. 


Is there any public transport that could take me to the venue? 


Yes! The nearest train station is Deptford, a 3 minute walk away, or New Cross, which is 8min away.


Do I need to bring or prepare anything? 


You might want to bring comfortable clothes and slippers, and a reuseable water bottle. 

Can you offer or recommend accommodation for the weekend? 


We are not able to offer recommendations but we suggest you check airbnb and hotel options in the area. 


Is there a place to buy food around the venue? 


Yes, The Albany has a great cafe which is open on Saturday during the day, there are many other options in the area too, including Badger Badger which we'll visit on Sunday night.


My physical condition doesn’t allow me to hold certain postures or make certain movements, will this be a problem? 


We will try to do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, and offer variations to moving or standing exercises. If you have any specific needs or worries, please email us at in advance. 

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