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Makers Collective – Portugal August 31st to September 9th

I bring good news! While I won’t be returning to China this summer for a second season of Compass World Arts Dali, I will be launching a new camp in Portugal in early September, Makers Collective! This is a slightly new take on the idea – instead of being a world music camp, it is an 8 day residency for artists from all backgrounds, musicians, visual artists, wordsmiths, actors, all are welcome!

Organized in partnership with Filipe Sousa and Rodrigo Viterbo, we’ll be partnering with a wonderful organization, Raizvanguarda, non profit arts cultural organization based in Gois, Portugal, a beautiful mountainside village. We will live, eat, work, and laugh together as we spend the week creating new work, learning from one another through skill shares, exploring the village and relaxing in nature. This is a chance for us to create an experience that goes beyond a vacation; a chance to re-balance, check in with what’s important, and reconnect to our source of creativity.

If you are interested in joining, check out our website, and send me a note. Looking forward to it!

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