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October 18 - 22


We are delighted to return for our second-ever gathering of vocal improvisers in the UK!

Following on from 2022's incredibly enriching gathering, we are pleased to announce that we will be returning to Penny Brohn in October 2023 to launch our second UK Vocal Improv Festival Retreat.

Join us to dive into the worlds of possibility that the voice opens up for both musical and interpersonal exploration. Experience a myriad of ‘ways in’ including collaborative vocal improvisation (CVI), body music, co-created spaces, immersive experiences, circle singing, nature connection, technique-based geek-outs, embodied movement, live looping and play.

​Together we will embrace the excitement of gathering in person and celebrating creative vocal expression, while also honouring the more inward, nurturing, perhaps sacred connection invited by this practice, making this experience both ‘festival’ AND ‘retreat’.

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